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Veritable Infusion
DJ Erik T CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm
Category: Freeform
Location: Toronto
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October 16, 2018 08:06 PM PDT

Ian Brennan is finding the good stuff off the beaten path musically and geographically. I talked to Ian Brennan on the radio this fall, as I was working on some stories related to recording, releasing and archiving music. Brennan has produced popular North American music acts such as T.V. On The Radio, and won a Grammy for producing the Tuareg guitar band Tinarawin. Brennan has spent considerable time wandering the globe, often around Africa, searching for new original music to record. We talked about recording and releasing music, and the legwork involved in seeking out exciting music in exotic locales. I was inspired to contact Brennan while reading his travelogue / music manifesto / book How Music Dies (Or Lives). This interview was initially broadcast on Veritable Infusion at CIUT.fm 89.5FM at the University of Toronto on September 24, 2018.

November 13, 2017 06:47 PM PST

Podcast Topic: "Salut(e) Montréal"

Play List

Guess Who - Light My Fire (Jose Feliciano style w/ backstory)
Stan Rogers (tribute @ Hugh's Room this weekend) - Northwest Passage
Lydia Loveless - Back on the bottle
Modern Lovers (Jonathan Richmoan coming to town) - Roadrunner
Simply Saucer - I can Change My Mind
Simply Saucer - Instant Pleasure
Jughead - Hockey Song
Jimmy Swift Band - Hockey Night In Canada (live)
Canned Heat - Fried Hockey Boogie
Pagliaro live Intro - Yves Sauve
Pagliaro - Presentation
Pagliaro - J'ai Marche Pour Un Nation
Offenback live - Quoi Quoi
Illustration - Upon the Earth
Illustration - Our Love's a Chain
Mashmakhan - Afraid of Losing You
Nanette Workman - Crying crying
Sharon Jones & thye Dap Kings - Better things to Do
Joe King - Speak on Up
Robert Knight (RIP) - Everlasting Love (orig )
Detroit Emeralds - Baby let me take you in my arms
Joe Tex - I want to do everything for you
the illusions - the funky donkey
cymande - bra
Magnum - It's the music that makes us do it
Fabulous Mark III - Psycho
Roy Ayers live TO - Love will bring us back together
Dianne Jenkins - I Need You

Veritable Infusion: CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm, A party featuring rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues, traditional & modern African music. Your donations pledged through paypal go 100% directly to CIUT.FM fund-drives and support community Radio. Original Broadcast: November 6, 2017

November 12, 2017 02:21 PM PST

Podcast Topic: Interview with David Bradstreet/ Singer Songwriter "Halloween Jollies"
Veritable Infusion with DJ Erik T: Starts at 39 minutes runs for 2 hours!

Play List

bb gabor moscow drug club - october revoltuin anniv
david bradstreet - renaissance
david bradstreet interview
david bradstreet - Domino's Piano
david bradstreet interview
david bradstreet - lifelines (live in studio as above trax besides david bradstreet - "renaissance"
david bradstreet interview
david bradstreet travelling ones -live ciut
handsome ned live h'shoe ghost rider in thye sky (Hallowe'en nod->)
attic daddy dead end
the haunted - horror show
sam the sham & thye pharoahs - little red riding hood
iggy pop - sister midnight
malhavoc - human fly
the misfits - hallowe'en
ozzy osbourne live - the wizard
africa - paint it black
arthur brown - nightmare suite - fire
ohio players live 1977 - fire
incredible bongo band - inna gadda da vida
wailers - mr brown
priscilla rollins - obeah woman
the vamps - disco blood
fela kuti - zombie
run dmc live 1985 - you're blind (15 year anniv rip jamaster jay)

Veritable Infusion: CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm, A party featuring rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues, traditional & modern African music. Your donations pledged through paypal go 100% directly to CIUT.FM fund-drives and support community Radio. Original Broadcast: October 30, 2017

November 13, 2016 08:24 PM PST

"Boogie Woogie Bass Man" (Podcast Title)

Podcast Topic: Tonight was the eve of Chuck Berry's 90th birthday. Chuck had as much to do, if not more than anyone else, with the creation of rock n roll. There were white hillbilly singers before him. There were black blues guitarists with catchy songs before him. However when Chuck Berry played a mix of hillbilly songs (he could even yodel) and flashy blues guitar licks the black audiences apparently thought he was strange but they liked it enough to stay and watch... then white audiences started to dig on Chuck Berry. He went up to Chicago, played a few songs for Leonard Chess and the rest is rock n roll... 

So to tonight started with a tribute to the man, the King of Rock n Roll, still alive and turning 90.

The first cut is a mix of 2 Dead tapes of the same show in Buffalo '79- one with the introduction and the other recorded with particular expertise. Played Chuck doing a live version of this song of his later in the show...

Les Sultans' live version of Carol comes a record released of their farewell show in their home town of Montreal in 1968.

The Stones' BBC - recorded rendition of Don't Lie to Me is a relatively obscure Chuck cover from these earliest and most famous disciples of Chuck. 

Ted Daigle is a Canadian rockabilly singer from way back. I have this on a compilation l.p. of rare early Canadian rock.

Lady Daddy & the Bachelors- featuring a pre- Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers era Tommy Chong! From a Vancouver sixties rock compilation l.p.

The Animals- hot show from their home town in 1963, surprisingly well recorded for the era, compared to some other early sixties live rock albums...

Rob Tyner Band- live in Detroit in 1977, I learned the date years after I bought this album, a dodgy French bootleggish import called Do It, which presented itself as a live MC 5 album of a 1972 show.

Ronnie Hawkins- after sharing royalties from a slightly altered version of Chuck Berry's 40 Days, shared with the gangster who owned Roulette Records, Ronnie released this live version from 1982 crediting Chuck Berry. It was released through Max Milk, I believe.

Chuck himself- Come On & You Can't Catch Me are regular released versions. A couple of the others are from the boot l.p. America's Hottest Wax featuring fifties outtakes. Maybelline and Roll Over Beethoven are from a live to air radio broadcast from New York, August 1956- serious vintage!
Things I Used To Do was a heavy blues performance from Belgium in 1965, while Bon Soir Cherie comes from the Paris Olympia in 1965. There were other live cuts, some from Toronto 1969 and a live jam with Bo Diddley followed, for the t.v. Audience, by a question- and- answer period with the audience- in the stands! He yells at various members of the audience to yell out their questions... Different times..

Finally, we bid Chuck goodnight with Peter Tosh playing a typically searing version of Johnny B Goode, inKingston Jamaica in 1982. 

post Chuck- we heard some local live reggae from the mid nineties, Doreen Shaffer leading the Skatalites through You're Wondering Now, great version from the Comfort Zone... Kept the JA-soul style with a Jay Douglas show from a few years ago, and wanted to pursue a Stax Records feature to round out the show. 

With that in mind, I played The Liquidator and I'll Take You There which took us all to Memphis (although, to digress I feel I must mention the lyrics were allegedly composed by Al Bell on a visit to Little Rock after his brother was killed there) -
Listened to a few Stax tracks including an Otis cut live from the Whiskey A Go Go and some non- Stax tunes from Packy Axton, an integral, so to speak, part of the Stax story from the early days. I have been on a Stax kick lately, talking about the label from information glommed largely from Rob Bowman's book and some of his many liner notes written for and about the label.

Let the good times roll...

Grateful Dead - The Promised Land - live Buffalo 79
les Sultans - *Carol - Live Montreal '68 l.p.
rolling stones -don't lie to me - live bbc
ted daigle - *sweet little sixteen
little daddy & the bachelors - *too much monkey business
the animals - gotta find my baby - live newcastle 1963
rob tyner band - back in the usa-live 1977
ronnie hawkins - *forty days-line in th uk 1982
chuck berry - come on
chuck berry - twenty one blues
chuck berry - one o'clock jump
chuck berry - maybelline-live aug 1956
chuck berry - roll over beethoven
chuck berry - the things that I used to do-live belgium 1965
chuck berry - bonsoir cherie-live france 1965
chuck berry - let me sleep woman
chuck berry - the promised land-live toronto 1969
chuck berry - you can't catch me
chuck berry - hofstra university
peter tosh- johnny b goode-live kingston,ja 1982
(* = Canadian) Veritable Infusion: CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm, A party featuring rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues, traditional & modern African music. Your donations pledged through paypal go 100% directly to CIUT.FM fund-drives and support community Radio. Original Broadcast: October 17, 2016

August 29, 2016 07:48 PM PDT

S.W.I.G! (Podcast Title)

Podcast Topic: Benny & the Jets Celebrate the East Coast


Les Hay Babies - Benny & the Jets
Dolly Parton/ Porter Wagoner - Fight and Scratch
Dolly Parton - Higher & Higher - Bottom Line '77
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - Fish in the Dish
Elvin Bishop, Charlie Daniels + - Fishing
General Johnson - Gone Fishin'
Joel Plaskett - That's Why I Love This Town
Maurice Bolyer - Golden Bell Stomp
S.W.I.G. -Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Medley)
S.W.I.G. -Mountain Dew
S.W.I.G. -Beverley Hillbillies
S.W.I.G. -Fox On The Run
S.W.I.G. -Nova Scotia Song
S.W.I.G. -Band Introductions & G'Bye
Eastwind - Hey Good Lookin'
The Blue Diamonds - 21 Years in this Prison
The Blue Diamonds - 30 Days 30 Dollars
Stompin Tom Conners - New Brunswick & Mary
The Easternaires - Tobique Woman
Shirley Eickhard - Ease Your Pain

About S.W.I.G!: The acronym from the ancestry of the original four members, "S" Scottish (Chris Leslie the original fiddler) "W" Welsh (the Roberts' Connection) "I" Irish (Roger Finegan, the original Guitarist) "G" German (Steve Risser, a guitarist from NS's south-shore).

(* = Canadian) Veritable Infusion: CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm, A party featuring rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues, traditional & modern African music. Your donations pledged through paypal go 100% directly to CIUT.FM fund-drives and support community Radio. Original Broadcast: August 29, 2016

May 18, 2016 05:25 AM PDT

Trade Song (Podcast Title) Podcast Topic: World Fiddle Day and Canadian Tunes

Fiddles and string sections... For World Fiddle Day, coming Saturday May 21st... Local fiddle expert and driving force behind World Fiddle Day, Anne Lederman was kind enough to drop by. She talked about fiddle styles across Canada, at least from Newfoundland to Manitoba.
Anne also recorded hundreds of Metis fiddle tunes on multiple occasions in the 1980s. Before the show we talked briefly about some of the hassles of preserving taped music, a topic I hope we might discuss some other time.

On a taping related note, I described one Gaspe fiddler, renowned locally, especially in his native Douglastown.

Erskine Morris recorded himself playing around Douglastown and the Gaspe peninsula from the late fifties to the early nineties. He played dances, parties, family reunions, all sorts of shows, and his wife copied his tapes and mailed to friends and fans of old time Gaspe fiddling. Copies of These tapes are scattered around the continent, providing many people with a taste of authentic old time fiddling. These tapes never seem to have been collected per se, at least not by date- obsessed completists who collect other styles of live recorded music. I suspect there is a vast trove of small- f folk music, informally recorded, which never circulated too far beyond the makers of the music and one wonders what great and / or interesting music might be waiting for more people to discover it.

There is some confusion about some of the songs titles played, as the tracks were often untitled on the material availed to me for this edition of Veritable Infusion.

Track list-

Jughead- Wabash Cannonball, Ace of Spades- Jughead played a rare one-off gig Sunday at the Cadillac Lounge with the Good Family. Good times...

Rufus Guinchard- Lizzie's Jig - from the French West Coast of Newfoundland
Colin Grant- Tune for Jerry - Cape Breton fiddling
Ti'Jean Carrignan- a couple of instrumentals including the Duke of Lengster
Shane Cook and Jake Charron- from Ontario
Anne Lederman- live in the studio- the Cry of the Loon (Grandy) and The Trade Song & Bacon Ridge (Grandy)-

Anne and I also talked between songs, she worked in a few fiddle demonstrations and explained the differences between reels and jigs...

Metis fiddle archive box- disc 1 track 1
Jarvis Benoit- Daisy
And now we leave Canada for...

The Earl Scruggs Revue- Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven... live, Sept. '72, feat. vassal Clements on fiddle-
Showdown- The Devil Went Down to Georgia- Alberta style!
David Allen Coe- The Devil Went Down to Jamaica- love the art hate the artist
Bo Diddley- Gunslinger, Eastern Thang- Bo live with a fiddle in an experrymental mood in San Francisco, 1966
P-Funk All Stars- Never Gonna Tell It feat. Lilly Hayden, live France 2005
Funk Brothers- Papa Was a Rolling Stone- Instrumental- the string section uncredited... But what a string arrangement on this classic!
Etta James- One for my Baby
Irma Thomas- Anyone Who Knows will Understand
Sammy Davis Jr- Take My Hand
4 Tops- It's All in the Game
Linda Balintine- You're a Hard Habit to Break
American Gypsy - Inside Out
*Eddie Spencer- If this is Love- Toronto tune, with Detroit backing track- featuring a spare string arrangement...
Sly and the Family Stone- introducing his fiddle player in Lawrence Kansas, 1974...

(* = Canadian) Veritable Infusion: CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm, A party featuring rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues, traditional & modern African music. Your donations pledged through paypal go 100% directly to CIUT.FM fund-drives and support community Radio. Original Broadcast: May 16, 2015

February 26, 2016 06:50 PM PST

"Save the date" (Podcast Title)

New Year

Play List
Father Yoddawa... Played some Father Yod tunes and talked about him and his self styles family, and used The Thought Adjusters double l.p. for my info and music... Then went off to Ottawa, musically...

Talked a little about occupy Oregon, Ottawa sounds through the decades, and other fun stuff...

*Gunsmoke- Gunfight, You Always Say
Johnny Bond- Sick, Sober and Sorry
*Pierre Berton- The Cremationof Sam McGhie
Father ahold and the Source Family- Spin, Sleepy
*O.J.Abott- The Barleycorn for Me,, To Be A Farmers Boy Again (off to the Ottawa Valley here with this Folkways collection of local songs)
*Stompin Tom- Big Joe Mufferaw (all the way from Ottawa)
*Mac Beattie- This Ottawa Valley of Mine
*George Joly Duo- Mile After Mile, The Search- from "Live at the Beauclaire"- Ottawa area l.p.
*Calamity Janes- Lorna of the Jungle- played later on maybe-N.B. after 3s A crowd track
*The Guess Who- It's My Pride
*Stitch in Tyme- rent
*Skaliwags- Turn Him Down
*Esquires- It's a Dirty Shame (one of my faves from Ottawa)
*Souljazz Orchestra- live 2009
*Bruce Cockburn- Keep It Open MAYBE PLAYED EARLIER

*Floyd Lawson- Phillie- to Motown- to Montreal and Ottawa soul artist, released one of the few sort of holy grail l.p.s, reissued by Afrokat, which we listened to- SWAT and Kay Gee... And we now leave Ottawa...
- mini winter set here->
Dede Soul& Spidelz- Soul Chills
Little Roy- Little Roy Freeze
Three Degrees- Collage
Gil Scott- Heron- Winter in America

Jacob Miller - Cherry Pie
Mighty Diamonds- Pretty Woman 12"
*Truth And Rights- Jah Rastafar I live

Podcast Graphic Duy Huynh http://idread.co.uk/how-time-flies/

*=Canadian cut Veritable Infusion: CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm, A party featuring rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues, traditional & modern African music. Your donations pledged through paypal go 100% directly to CIUT.FM fund-drives and support community Radio. Original Broadcast: January 4, 2016.

October 27, 2015 05:34 AM PDT

"Happy Samhain" (Podcast Title)

Hallowe'en week... And a nod to Roky Erickson...

I talked just a little about the election, and a little more about Halloween- it's Celtic origins, and it's immigration to these shores, to the children and pranks, to Trick or Treat, which didn't happen until after World War II...

Also some history of Jack o Lanterns, the legend of Stingy Jack, Toronto's Halloween brawls, devil worship and other Halloween fun...

Then spoke a little about the Trans Pacific Partnership, this nasty, expansive trade deal that stands to criminalize a lot of Internet/ music related activity, and so much more...

In the middle, I played a few Roky Erickson live cuts, some from the Halloween double l.p. on Norton, 1 from a tape I transferred to cdr many years ago, a live version of Heroin from about 1982, from NYC, and finished with a couple of cuts from a local appearance some years ago.

*Lutia and Paul Lauzon- The Undertakers' Ball
*Fred Spek's Camp Combo- The Munsters
*Parts Unknown- Supernatural?!?----
*K.C. And the Moonshine Band- Wolfwoman
*The Haunted- I'm Just Gonna Blow My Mind to Bits
The Calico Wall- I'm a Living Sickness
Keith Meehan- Hooker Street
*the Ugly Ducklings- Hangman
*Deja Voodoo- lonely Motel, The House of Dr Stimuli
Joe Dolce- Thriller (acoustic)
*White Cowbell Oklahoma- Frankenstein
*SCUM- Baptism ofFire
*The Sinisters- Bugbrain
*Robbie Rox- Ghost Culture
Roky Erickson- live->Dont Shake Me Lucifer, Heroin, I Think Up Demons, You're Gonna Miss Me, 2 Headed Dog
Goblin- Profondo Bosso
Stanley Turrentine- Spooky
Johnny Jenkins- Blind Bats and Swamp Rats
Dr. John - Black Widow Spider
Cut Chemist etc- Freakenstein Jam
Jimmy Castor-Hey Leroy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon Is YourFather
*M.C. Wildcat- Scamz- this joke rap song has a Halloween reference to dressing as cops to steal some crops, but I don't think we made it that far In to that final track from MC Wildcat... It also sampled Eminence Front, a popular lick on t.v. Ads right now. In 2008 when MC Wildcat recorded this, the song was not well known outside Who fans... Was everyone ahead of their time here?

*=Canadian cut Veritable Infusion: CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm, A party featuring rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues, traditional & modern African music. Your donations pledged through paypal go 100% directly to CIUT.FM fund-drives and support community Radio. Original Broadcast: October 26, 2015.

October 13, 2015 11:26 AM PDT

"Who's that Bird?" (Podcast Title)


I thought tonight would be a good time to work in some farming songs, harvest songs, food songs, family songs and the odd tokin' tune. For some background, I talked about the history of Thanksgiving, and the English harvest festivals that inspired our fall holiday.

Also worked in a couple of ancient grain songs by way of a couple of folk songs, with a live rendition of John Barlycorn, related to the Indo-European myth of the dying corn god, whose remains we consume to this day...

Finally, worked in a moment about Ernest Charles Dury, 8th Premier of Ontario, some of his policies and his opinion about moving the date for Thanksgiving Day. We have our own election in a week, all shows are pre- emptied next week for that reason...

Track list-

*Allan Capson- Down In The Boondocks (RIP Billy Joe Royal)
Elvin Bishop- Fishin
*Blue Rodeo- Stealing All My Dreams
*Jarvis Street Revue- Uncle Benny
*Swank- Hey Jeb
*Wilf Carter- Waiting for the Maple Leaves to Fall
*Ray Materick- This Season of Plenty
*George Hamilton IV- Gonna be a Country Boy Again (Buffy Ste Marie cover)
*Buffy Sainte Marie- Men of the Fields
*Bob Burchill- Black Creek (ex Perth County Conspiracy)
*The Band- King Harvest- Live Hollywood Bowl l.p.
*Neil Young - Harvest Moon (live)
*Good Brothers- The Rabbit
*Jughead- Barn Song
*Don Garbutt- Turkey in the D.A.W.

The Blues Rockers- Calling all Cows
Cheech and Chong- Up in Smoke
Bettye Lavette- Thankful and Thoughtful (Sly Stone cover)

...and now some food toones...

Elijah and the Ebonites- Hot Grits!
Chuck Womack and the Sweet Souls- Ham Hocks and Beans
J.B.s- Pass the Peas
Rufus Thomas- Old MacDonald's Farm (live)
Johnny Morisette- I'm Hungry
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings- Fish in a Dish
Raynel Wynglas- Bar B Q Ribs
Giants- Fried Neckbones and Homefries (odd l.p. w/ Santana, War, etc)
Obie Plenty- Beef Stew
Fatback Band- Yum Yum Gimme Some
*Poppyseed Love Explosion- Bales of Pot
John Holt- Police in Helicopter
Carlton Livingston- Trodding through the Jungle
Neville Brown- Babylon Don't Touch My Sensi
Stevie Wonder- You Ain't Done Nothing... Dedicated to our current P.M.

*=Canadian cut

Veritable Infusion: CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm, A party featuring rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues, traditional & modern African music. Your donations pledged through paypal go 100% directly to CIUT.FM fund-drives and support community Radio. Original Broadcast: October 12, 2015.

August 10, 2015 08:12 PM PDT

"Wondering Where The Lion's At?" (Podcast Title)

WILD- email told me this referred to World International Lions' Day...

Along with Pan Am live music, while missing tonight's Alejandro Escovedo show, I played forbears Pete, Sheila and Coke Escovedo, and hot sounds from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Jamaica, and from the Mexican- American Escovedos...

Talked a little about election coverage, last Saturday's Tanya Tagaq and Roots shows at City Hall, the Scarbourough Afro Carib Fest Aug 23rd-24th, this week's upcoming free shows, as well as...

The wild boar shot and killed by Caledon OPP for the crime of being a wild animal lost in suburbia...

Summer Sequels- Mike Duffy Trial is back

Pickering people angry at neighbours little kids for making noise in family pool

Harper won't visit Toronto-the - City, just 905-land... All over 905, actually, but no 416... All 905 and no 416 should be somebody's local election campaign slogan!

Meanwhile, in urbane, cosmopolitan Toronto... Residents in downtown summer hotspots - people who bought their condos near places like Harbourfront- are now mad that people continue to enjoy events at Harbourfront, as they had before them, and, one hopes, forever onward...

Also, lobsters are suddenly taking off in China- or, more accurately,lobsters hauled in to Halifax are being flown en masse to Shanhai...

And... Bugs! Beer's new best friend? Apparently, scientists have recently learned various bugs produce unique yeasts that can flavour beer...

And once more... The Humane Society somehow have my email, and they told me National Geographic got involved to try and make, establish, or continue, this day, August 10th, to be WILD- World International Lions' Day- RIP Cecil

Los Quinchimali- from a CBC Radio transcription disc, on half a side, is this band of "new Canadians" playing Andean music, according to the liner notes...
I talked over a bit of it... Tracks were -> Fiesta, Ya Yan Quinchu, Rondador, Veranito
Jane Bunnett w. Cuban Piano Masters- Recorded Toronto 1993- Como Fue
Aline Morales- Musa,
Lenis Reno and his Canadian Band - live at Lula- opening
Samba Squad- Baba Fururu

All Canadian until here... Off to Colombia with...

Bwana- la Jurumba,
Pete and Sheila Escovedo- Azteca Mozambique
Coke Escovedo- Wouldn't Change A Thing
Traffic Sound- Suavecito- my favourite Peruvian band
El Chicano- One More Night, Juntos
Black Sugar- Don't You Worry About A Thing- another hot Peruvian band

From jumping around the new world, sonically, we're off to celebrate WILD- For the Lions, including Cecil, who, even in cold, dry, financial terms, was worth more alive than dead...
Originally, I was gonna play songs for, by or about other zoo animals but time kept moving on...

Simon and Garfunkel- At the Zoo
Bruce Cockburn- Wondering Where the Lions Are
Big Black- Lion
Solomon Linda- Mbube 1939 rendition of this classic, I have talked on the air before about the history of this song, so I kept it brief tonight, and continued...

Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus- Rise Jah Jah Children- a very dread, deep roots take on this song... I payed Miriam Makeba's powerful version not so long ago, so I kept it to these two renditions, letting Ras Michael lead the charge/ forward march to reggae, with-

Ras Lee- Who Killed the Lion- he is referring to Bob Marley, but it still fits...
Kidd Rasta and the Peace,Akers- Walk Like Lion Talk Like Lamb - also local
Bushman and band- Man a Lion- live, Opera House 2000, DB Hawkes tape
I Roy- Natty Dread the Lion
Rocky Dawuni- not a lion song, but this African reggae singer will be at Harbourfront this weekend, while I am doing other stuff in New Brunswick....

Bob Marley and the Wailers- Lion Of Judah- Kingston Peace Concert 1978

Veritable Infusion: CIUT.FM Mondays 8-10pm, A party featuring rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues, traditional & modern African music. Your donations pledged through paypal go 100% directly to CIUT.FM fund-drives and support community Radio. Original Broadcast: August 10, 2015.

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